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Medical & Surgical devices

world class medical devices in Urology, Uro- Gynaecology, Cardiac Surgery, Spinal Surgery and consumer care market. Check Our Products Section

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We got strong business strategy

Aston-Med has developed strong network of partners globally in a short time and offer quick and effective entry of your products in global market

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Dexell VUR


DEXELL VUR DEAE Sephadex ( Positive Charging Dextranomer) stays in body in long term due to cross-linked hyaluronic acid feature.

Diethylaminoethyl – Dextran (DEAE – Dextran) is a polycationic derivative of Dextran. DEAE – Dextran is a ideal injection material with Dextran’s high purity and microbiological quality.

DEXELL VUR also has positively charged particle content and positive charged particles guides to rapid collagen tissue formation.

DEXELL VUR Ureteral Treatment Kit

DEXELL VUR is endoscopic implantation material for pediatric usage with only 3.7 Fr application needle. Provides minimally invasive intervention, long-lasting and effective application.

DEXELL VUR stimulate the soft tissue from the moment of application.

DEXELL VUR has all the features of an ideal injection material :

  • Non –immunogenic
  • Biocompatible
  • Non- Allergic
  • Biodegradable by time
  • Long – lasting
  • No migration
  • Non-Rigid Microparticles
Deae Sephadex Features

DEAE Sephadex

  • 80 – 120 microns size,
  • Very elastic,
  • Homogeneous surface,
  • Quite biocompatible,
  • Biodegradable over time,
  • Containing cross-linked Dextranomer,
  • Particles have positively charged surface.
Dexell Vur Injection After Application
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Spinal Surgery

Following products related to spinal surgery are available NORM SILVER Z-RHYTHM CLINK-P OXIS ZEK ARMADA D-FLEX-CARBON TWISTY

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Cardiology and CardioThorasic

We have the following products in our Cardiology and CardioThorasic range SternaSafe Pro SternaSafe Classic SternaBra

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General Surgery and Diagnostic

(Biocer, Matek Biopsy Needles) These are our products in general surgery and diagnostic . Haemocer Plus Biopsy Needles

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Contact us today for business development and licensing opportunities. Aston-Med is actively seeking medical devices products for UK, Europe and for Middle East in the following areas. Urology and Uro- Gynaecology […]

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